Could someone in Nebraska please slap Senator Ben Nelson for me?

Posted by Beatrice Franklyne on September 16, 2010 in freaconomy, Politics, Scary Family |

How can this man call himself a Democrat when he consistently votes against his party? Why doesn’t this hypocrite just get it over with and switch parties?

This clown is an embarrassment to his party and to his constituents.

In other news, I’ve been receiving comments that I won’t post because they are filled with hate and profanity. Several of them call me out because I don’t even live in Ohio, so why should I blog about Congressman Tim Ryan?

Well, several reasons. I love this guy. I like what he says. I like that he’s a fighter. I like that he’s the antithesis of the old white men of Congress. I feel that he does represent me because as he fights in Congress for the 17th Disctrict of Ohio, I feel he’s fighting for all Americans. Now he’s on the Appropriations Committee and some people have criticized him for the earmarks and pulling funds to his state and district. Well, isn’t that why we send our reps to Washington in the first place? Isn’t that what they are supposed to do for us?

Unlike people like Senator Ben Nelson. Yes, I’m on a rant today. I’ve just received the script draft for the documentary I’m working on that’s in post production. It’s got me all riled up about issues. Also, all the hateful comments that people post about my being a whore and a lesbian. What’s that all about? Kind of ridiculous and I won’t publish comments like that, so go ahead and waste your time. They will only be deleted.

So, yeah. Back to Ben. I don’t get what he’s playing at. Isn’t this an election year? Shouldn’t he be especially sensitive to the wants and needs of his constituents? What’s that guy been drinking? Doesn’t he know it was Democrats who sent him up to Washington? He singularly stalled unemployment benefits to millions of people by voting against common sense and his party. He wanted to delay healthcare reform even longer. He wants to keep all of the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy in place indefinitely. He’s been selling his vote and is even being accused of corruption. What a gem this guy is.

On the flip side of the coin is Tim Ryan. He’s constantly trying to bring money and opportunity to his district. He’s progressive. He’s open about the fact that he meditates. Is this our new man, America? I think so.

Also, in response to unnamed commenters – No, I am not from Ohio. However, my father’s family has been in America since 1728 when they arrived on the Mortonhouse. Descendants of those ancestors founded a town called South Bloomfield in Ohio. I have never been there, but in doing genealogical research for DAR I discovered this information and am very proud of my heritage. Also, my father was raised in Dawson County, Nebraska and I still have relatives who live in the area. They are livid with Ben Nelson, by the way.

Here’s your vid – Enjoy!

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